Guided tours

Over the years of arranging our renowned Guided Tours, Travel Motus has gathered a wide range of local residents, who we call our “Local Insiders”.

They come from different professions, such as nature guides, architects, teachers, gourmet chefs, professional drivers, scientists and many others, all with an excellent knowledge of their region and its history. These Local Insiders are happy to share and introduce you to many authentic gems, hidden paths, tasty stops, specialty local restaurants and breathtaking panoramas. The knowledge they provide is a key ingredient to the success of our operation at Travel Motus.

Imagine the advantage; you arrive at a new location and are immediately paired with someone who knows every detail of the town or site and you have them all to yourselves!

Accommodations on our Guided Tours can vary greatly, from a charming guesthouse in the countryside, to a luxurious seaside or mountain resort, all the way to an adventurous lighthouse atop a craggy cliff.

Our Guided Tours are flexible in terms of rest stop or shopping stops, etc. Be sure to let us know of any special needs or requirements you or a member of your party may have.
Motus' Recommended Journeys to Sardinia and Corsica
Mediterranean Safari in Sardinia, Italy As you spend your days marvelling at the creatures, rest assured your nights will be spent relaxing in high-quality accommodation, eco-lodge or in well-maintained hotels for that little bit of luxury!  
Guided Tour of Sardinia - Travel Motus' Exclusive This is Motus' in Sardinia Welcome Tour. It is based on our 15 years' experience in running tours and on our deep knowledgeof the island. It is a run with a smaller vehicle to smoothen operations and to improve flexibility. Arrival and depart is from Cagliari but we add extra/pre nights and transfer anywhere in Sardinia and/or Corsica.  
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Exclusive custom travel vacations to Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily and beyond.
There’s nothing ‘standard’ or ‘fixed’ about what you will experience with Travel Motus.

Anything and everything is possible!

Since 2004 we've been working tirelessly in acquiring all that the region has to offer.
We take great pride in our ability to organize for you the most complete and tailor-made vacation available in the industry.
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