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Guided tours Over the years of arranging our renowned Guided Tours, Travel Motus has gathered a wide range of local residents, who we call our “Local Insiders”...

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Food and Wine tours

When it comes to food & drink, you could say that we are located in a gastronomic paradise. Sardinia’s cheeses, Liguria’s pesto, Corsica’s cured meats, to name a few, are the treats of every day...

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Self guided tours

The Travel Motus Self-Guided Tours in Sardinia, Corsica, Naples, Venice, Tuscany and Cinque Terre are our ‘unrivalled specialties’. We have been tailoring tours since early 2000’s and we have experienced a very high success & appreciation rate with our clients...

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Since 2004 we've been working tirelessly in acquiring all that the region has to offer.
We take great pride in our ability to organize for you the most complete and tailor-made vacation available in the industry.
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