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Do you enjoy boating, the sun, the fresh and salty sea air? Travel Motus not only offers tours on land in Sardinia, but also on the sea with custom nautical adventures.

Our arrangements with the most reliable sailboats or powerboats in Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily and Cinque Terre will provide you with a wide range of travel options. You can choose a simple charter with a skipper and live the week of a sailor, sharing all tasks with the captain and crew.

Or, you may opt for an adventure with a little extra comfort and have a hostess on board to take care of all the cooking and cleanups.

Moreover, we offer fully crewed sailing tours on either sailboat or powerboats. In select regions, we also have vintage sailboat day-touring to marine protected areas and island — ideal for both family or corporate events.

Boat Tours Sardinia organisation
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