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At Travel Motus, we are passionate about Travel Design. We deliver results by listening to you, assessing your needs, and helping tailor a holiday tour that is perfectly suited to your every need. This custom planning ensures that we provide you with a more complete and glitch-free travel experience.

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We, at Travel Motus, are the pioneers of wedding planning in Sardinia, with over 12 years' experience in this field and have cultivated excellent business relations with photographers, floral designers, make-up artists and hotels venues.

This enables us to unite all the top services in the industry to coordinate with our Wedding Planners, ensuring that on your special day, everything runs smoothly.

We plan pre- and post- wedding tours in Sardinia and Corsica.

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We at Travel Motus have been active as a business in the travel industry for 20 years.

The last decade has profoundly influenced the way we work with VIPs, helping us create a network of unique experiences and luxury locations for an exceptional clientele.

Over the years, we have planned retreats for international and local celebrities, listening to clients' needs and designing the best local adventure to ensure our guests have a worry-free journey with flawless respect for privacy.

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Cinema and Productions

Motus assists the media industry, particularly film companies in the search for locations and suppliers, sharing its many years of experience with the Sardinia Film Commission and with other bodies, and counting on commercial relationships consolidated over two decades.

Motus brings to customers its expertise in logistics, mobility (by sea, air and land) and its continuous selection of hotels and restaurants.

Motus supports the visual arts, galleries and selects places to hold shows and exhibitions together with its partners and clients.

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Customized travel

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Experience Italy like a Local

Experience Italy like a Local with Travel Motus

Discover the beauty of travel with a purpose through our sustainable and responsible tours that give back to the local environment and communities.

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Direct Flights To Sardinia, Italy From Sweden, Norway And Danemark.


Direct Flights To Sardinia, Italy From Sweden, Norway And Danemark.

On Holiday With Fido


On Holiday With Fido

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