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Direct flights, low-cost and regular airlines, from many European airports. Ferries from mainland Italy and Southern France

Sardinia, blessed with an incredibly sunny climate, is Italy's most undiscovered region. Holidays in Sardinia can take place all year round. The weather is a pleasure in Sardinia and summer lasts from April to November, raining very little during this period. The interior can be even drier than on the coast.


This is one of the most scenic parts of Europe with a beautiful rocky coast, islands everywhere, and the Mediterranean at its most emerald green. Interspersed among the rocks are seductive beaches that are sometimes pelted by dry winds.


Sardinia (in Latin and English, Sardegna in Italian, Sardigna, Sardinna or Sardinnia in the Sardinian language, Sardenya in Catalan) is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, at the center of the basin, directly south of Corsica (France) but north of Tunisia. It has an area of 24,090 square km and a population of 1.6 million. It was called "Ichnusa" by the Phoenicians and "Sandalyon" by the Greeks because of its unique footprint shape.


Among the many attractions of this ancient and mysterious island, Cagliari, the capital, is not to be missed. We offer tours in Sardinia where Gothic, Roman and Phoenician treasures are wonderfully blended within this modern and vibrant crossroads. Africa, Spain, Italy and France have all exerted enormous influence on Sardinia. Sardo is not, in fact, a dialect of Italian. It is a distinct language that originates from early Latin with a strong resemblance to Catalan.


Although Sardinia is politically part of Italy, like its language, its history and culture developed on its own. Sardinia existed six hundred million years ago, when the Alps and mainland Italy were not yet formed. Inhabited since the dawn of mankind, Sardinia is covered with remains of lost civilizations, most a mystery to this day.


Underground temples, ziggurats, mysterious objects and dwellings whose proportions are attributed to a mythological race of giants, honeycomb the land. Today, its people are simple, pure and hardy. You will enjoy meeting them as much as they will you. Its distinctive cuisine and wines are brutally honest yet delicious and you will relish these as well. You will also discover that pink is the dominant color of Sardinia. Pink sands and flamingoes line the coast just as wild peonies rise at whim throughout the rugged interior. Our guided tour in Sardinia is your best way to discover Sardinia 


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