Rumundu project: Travelling for a sustainable world

Rumundu project: travelling for a sustainable world

From Sardinia "Rumundu" a green project by Stefano Cuccca world traveller, looking for stories of sustainable lifestyles.

Stefano will start the adventure by bycicle from Sardinia and for a whole year, will cross the world passing through the north Europe, Canada, United States, Japan, China, Islands of the Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar , South Africa, China and Italy again.

Stefano will cover 30,000 miles and will meet thousands of different people and places that will document with pictures and video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course in his blog.

The core of the project is therefore to collect testimonials from sustainable lifestyles, to show that dream a green world can be real.

So if you meet Stefano, in your country, do not be afraid to stop him, and tell examples of sustainable lifestyle or what do you do for make your life more green!!

Here are the coordinates to follow his wonderful adventure:

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