Giants of Monte Prama Exposition

Many of you do not know that in Sardinia there was a civilization that built structures, sacred wells, tombs and monuments that have lasted for 3,000 years. This is the nurágic Civilization. 
In 1974 a farmer found in his fields, near the town of Cabras, fragments of statues made by this civilization. The statues were moved to Li Punti (Sassari), where is has been taken 10 years to complete their restoration. This weekend the Giants of Monte Prama return to their original place. They will be displayed at the Museum of Cabras (OR) from 17:00 on March 22nd. 
They will also be  presented in the National Museum of Cagliari from 10:30 on March 22nd.  

The entrance fee is 5 €!

It's a visit that you cannot miss! 

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