Useful tips to take on holiday with us our animals

On holiday with Fido

Vacation Time and hot warher, what to do with our furry buddy, faithful companion on cold winter nights? Today it is possible to travel with our animals more or less everywhere, so, do not worry, keep calm and follow our tips for a holiday in the company of our favorite four-legged friends!

1) Shipping: If traveling by air will not be a problem boarding your pet with you because almost all airlines provide this service. You will need to check the regulation that the airline apply for these special passengers on the size of the cages, the number of animals allowed on board etc. ..

If your pet will be transported in the hold then it will be better to pay attention port of calls and changes of company that will carry out the aircraft and provide for the possibility that the country of landing can be made in special health checks on animals. Therefore, you should also inquire about the health requirements of the transit country and not just those of the country of arrival.

Train: also in this case are provided for special restrictions depending on the train but the transport is guaranteed in all cases provided that hosted in their cages.

The small dogs and cats can travel with the owner only in second class.
The big dogs can travel free only if the compartment was fully booked (the owner, however, must bear the costs of disinfection of the room). They can travel in compartments with other people if they do not disturb if they are on a leash and muzzled.

Ships and Ferries: It is required a certificate of good health issued by the veterinarian and Sardinia is also required rabies vaccination.
Dogs can travel with muzzle and leash and cats with the carrier.

2) Beach: Unfortunately, not all municipalities allow our Fido but there are some structures that are equipped with all the necessary permissions.

3) Facilities: Even in some villages, hotels, camping, restaurants and resorts you can take your animals


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