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Ancient Jewish Heritage in Sardinia


Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is observed on January 27, 2014, is an international memorial day for the victims of the Holocaust.  

Sardinia like many other places in the world commemorates this day not forgetting the past and preserving the evidence of this civilization on the island. 

There are many places in Sardinia that are considered related to the Jewish presence: Cagliari, with its ghetto and the ancient Synagogue, the Old Jewish Cemetery in Fordongianus, S. Antioco and the catacombs and many others.

On Sept. 22, a square in Alghero, was renamed “Plaça de la Juharia” — recalling the fact that that part of the city formed the Jewish quarter, prior to the expulsion of Jews in 1492. Taking part in the inauguration were Alghero’s mayor as well as the Israeli ambassador to Italy. The dedication of the piazza is part of a long series of events sponsored by the city and local foundations, with input from the Union of Italian Jewish Communities and the Medieval archaeology department of the University of Sassari. Called “La Settimana della Juharia“, or Juharia Week.

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