From first-hand knowledge to brutal honesty, the seven signs that you're in good hands with a Travel Specialist

1. Tests everything personally. Expect the specialists to know from firsthand experience the best options for each client's trip. 

2. Has clout with local sources. Travel specialists often rely on local contacts to carry out the itineraries that they have concocted and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

3. Casts a wide net of contacts. Any decent travel agent has met the managers of the properties he or she books regularly, but the specialists make it a point to know every last person their clients are likely to interact with.

4. Is brutally honest The best agents aren't afraid to express displeasure when things aren't up to snuff.

5. Minds the smallest details. For the finest travel specialists, no detail is too tiny and no possibility too remote to be considered. 

6. Keep close tabs on the trip any travel agents might consider their job done by the time clients start their trip. For the specialist , though, their work has only just begun.

7. Caters to a range of clients. One criterion that we look for in specialists is vast knowledge about a destination, including everything from less-expensive, family-run establishments to the best-known hotels and resorts. 

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