Sassari in the day of the Sardinian Cavalcade

The feast of beauty: the "Cavalcata Sarda"

If you are in Sardinia in May, do not miss the chance to see the folk groups of the territory in an impressive parade with 70 groups, 700 people and a large audience came from across the island to follow the event.

The groups will meet in Sassari to parade on foot, on horseback or on "traccas"  namely carts festively decorated with flowers and ornaments of traditional colors to give life to the Cavalcata Sarda.

The origins of this event are very old, in fact, the first edition dates back to 1711, when the city council of Sassari in the last years of Spanish rule, determined the realization of the parade in honor of King Philip V of Spain.

Afterwards a second edition of the Cavalcata,  that is the one from which derives directly the current one, came during the visit of the King of Italy Umberto I in Sassari in 1899. The king had visited the city for the inauguration of the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II which still dominates Piazza D'Italia".

Needless to say that was a great success and participation in the mass of all the local nobility.

For that occasion, in fact, the Sardinian people started to gather in the capital Turritan to pay homage to the king with their finest best clothes, sweets, floats decorated with precious cloths embroidered in a long parade.

From that day the event takes place in the penultimate Sunday of May in an impressive parade of colors, very precious fabrics, lace, all strictly handmade art handed down through the centuries from mother to daughter.

Sardinia has a long tradition dresses and traditional costumes. There are dozens of them, all different from each other and that reflect the soul of different countries. Each dress is in fact the identity of the place to which he belongs and is manifested through the embroidery, ornaments and colors used for the construction.

The clothes and jewelry tradition are still produced today by a thriving local handicrafts which goes back to ornaments handed down for centuries by adding a contemporary touch much appreciated by tourists, which visit the shops to buy them and wear them.

Of particular beauty are the typical Sardinian Buttons (small photo on the left) reinterpreted in a modern becoming the beautiful wearing silver pendants attached to a long silver chain.

Program Cavalcata Sarda

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Departure from Corso Margherita di Savoia
Parade of traditional costumes of Sardinia

Hippodrome Pinna
Show Pariglie

Piazza D'Italia
Review of the songs and traditional dances of Sardinia

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