Capri is a Mediterranean island that has seen intellectuals, artists and writers, all enthralled by its magical beauty.


How to get there
Ferries from Naples and Sorrento. Helicopters from Naples airport

Capri (pronounced ca-pri) rests atop a sheer mass of solid limestone which abruptly disappears into clear blue water. It has all to be desired of the Mediterranean culture - a cool blend of chichi piazzas and chic cafés, ancient ruins and rough seascapes. It's extremely popular as a daytrip destination and remains a playground for vacationing VIPs. Capri Town and its rival Anacapri, the two main centers on the island, are expensive and often congested with tourists. If you go beyond the designer boutiques and traditional trattorias, however, you'll discover the outlying area of charming, unspoiled grand villas, with their overgrown vegetation and sun-baked stucco.


The Grotta Azzurra (Blue Cave), though probably the most visited site on the island, is not to be missed. Its ethereal blue light is striking. At the other end of the island, the remains of Villa Jovis are also worth the effort and give evidence of the presence of the infamous Tiberius.





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