Sassari and the feast of Candlesticks

the UNESCO decalres the feast "I Candelieri" a World Heritage

On August 14, is a date to remember for Sassari who celebrate an ancient tradition, which finds its origins in the early thirteenth century as a votive offering to the Virgin Mary.

The Festha Manna or Faradda, as it is called in the local dialect Sassari, has been preserved over the centuries, resisting the various rules and funding cuts (and already .. even at the time!) that put at risk the celebration of the anniversary.

But the real success of the festival took place in the sixteenth century after the terrible plague that struck the island. Following a vow to the Madonna, in fact, Sassari in an Aug. 14 was liberated from the plague. The major Guilds, following the resounding event, formulated the vote of carrying in procession the Candelsticks, every 14 August, through the streets of old town.The major Guilds, following the resounding event, formulated the vote of carrying in procession Candelsticks, every 14 August, through the streets of old town.

Since that day, every year the city gets a party toasting with the typical wish long life ("A zent'anni").
The folklore and the great participation by the Sardinian makes this festival one of the most involving and exciting the island.

The Faradda takes place in the crowd screaming and praising their Guilds of belonging and to the holders of Candlesticks.

The incite with songs and shouts of the crowd is part of the rite and is fundamental to the carriers who have to bear the heavy candles, decorated with drapes and long ribbons which are made to dance to the rhythm of drums and fifes of the musicians.

The candlesticks stand out in the crowd with their majesty, dancing and whirling in a blaze of color, without stopping, the more they will baddarini (dancers), plus the year will be good.

There are many elements and characters that give life to Faradda, first of all the candlesticks, life of the party, the Guilds, the main actors and the music that sets the pace for the entire event.

The candlestick has a structure of three meters in height and forty inches in diameter and its weight is about four pounds. The beauty of the Candelsticks and their symbolic meaning lies in the richness of the decorations of the decor.

Each element contains a vast repertoire of meanings, including religion, folklore and history.
In the highest part of the capital of the candlestick is a ring of vanes brocade from which the element most scenic effect or the colorful silk ribbons about 40 meters long and coming down to the base, maintained by the boys of Guild. The ribbons follow the movements of the candlestick and turning around, wrap it up with choreography very special.

The origins of the Guilds are very old and represent the historical guilds and crafts.

Music also plays a key role because it accompanies the Faradda and gives rhythm to dance Candlestick. The players do not perform the melodies, but a march that marks rhythmic steps and movements of the bearers of the candlestick.

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