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The big feast

A plunge into the heart of the Sardinian culture, religion and folklore, with one of the most popular festival in the island

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Sardinia guided tour, small group.

Combine a 5 days tour in the south and 4 days tour in the north of the Island or choose your preferred one and discover the Wonders of Sardinia.

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Enogastronomic Itinerary

Live the experience of the sardian tradition discovering their tastes

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Multi activity in Sicily

At the foot of Mount Etna, a journey to discover the culinary culture, history and nature of the beautiful Sicily

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Wines of Sardinia

Our friend Viktorija Todorovska - wine lover and traveller- is at it again, this time sharing the variety and diversity of Sardinian Wine. Give them kind review if you liked her DVD, on the Amazon


Pane Frattau - Sardinia Style Lasagna

PANE FRATTAU -SARDINIA STYLE LASAGNA   This recipe is based on the traditional, unleavened Sardinian bread “pane carasau”, softened using mutton-broth, and transformed into a sort of lasagna,


Environment Friendly Country Hotel

Set in beautiful countryside at Abbasanta, two hours from major airports. Guests can stay in one of 4 rooms in the farmhouse or 8 suites in outlying buildings, surrounded by trees. The small pool and

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